About Space Revange

Space Revange is a oneman project there I have recorded my own music in my own appartment. I have recorded a lot of music during 1989 to 2012. In the beginning I used a 4-Channel mixer and after couple of years I began to use Atiari with PRO 24 III with Roland JV880 and Korg M1 as instruments. Later days I was using my PC with Cubase SX3 and VSTi instruments Somtimes I plays the saxophone as well.

My music is instrumental and often relaxing but somtimes even experimental with a kind of horror atmosphere. My Compositions are allmost 100% improvisation when I start to play I never know what the result it will be. It is the sounds that inspire me as well as the music around me. mostly music like JM Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine dream.

The name Space Revange is inspired by tracks by KoTo, Laser dance, Hypnosis etc. I am aware of the miss spelling and that it should be Revenge instead of Revange. But the name for my project has been spelled wrong for so long time that I do not want to change it. The cause are the swedish word revansch.